“You don’t need your guns anymore…”

“you don’t have to carry a Glock 9mm anymore.”- Ray Manzarek

I keep seeing posts and memorials for the Sandy Hook shootings last year—one of many tragedies that will always bother my soul. While I did learn to shoot, I don’t own any guns.

I’m reminded of a moment during my interview with Ray Manzarek last April when he alluded to a shooting death that also dominated the headlines. It came about as he was talking about his spirituality and hopes for humanity.


Happy (Actual) Birthday, Tom Waits: Deep Voice Chronicles

Today is Tom Waits’ birthday and tomorrow is Jim Morrison’s birthday and it motivated me to dig up an interview I had with Ray Manzarek of The Doors last April. I brought up Tom Waits in reference to the uniqueness of Ray’s voice and how his deep voice reminded me of Tom’s interesting sound. Ray was a bit surprised. And then he brought up astrology… and Uranus. Awesomeness.


Happy Birthday, Jim Morrison!

I know it’s tomorrow but I couldn’t wait!

Ray Manzarek on Jim and Social Media

The Doors and Jim Morrison have been a huge influence in my life. They even inspired the name of my band Kicking Down Doors. I’m lucky to have had the chance to speak with Ray Manzarek last year about his music and memories.  The above clip is an excerpt from my phone interview when I asked Ray if he thought  Jim would love or hate social media.

…if there was a chance of writing, Morrison would be right there. He was a writer.