“You don’t need your guns anymore…”

“you don’t have to carry a Glock 9mm anymore.”- Ray Manzarek

I keep seeing posts and memorials for the Sandy Hook shootings last year—one of many tragedies that will always bother my soul. While I did learn to shoot, I don’t own any guns.

I’m reminded of a moment during my interview with Ray Manzarek last April when he alluded to a shooting death that also dominated the headlines. It came about as he was talking about his spirituality and hopes for humanity.


One thought on ““You don’t need your guns anymore…”

  1. When I think of a great, and senseless loss such as this, I have intense emotions. Last year, my very next thought was for the families – no matter where I was. More and more I see the need for mental health awareness and spirituality in a world where media and demands of modern society often leave true feelings and practical methods of ensuring good (proper) mental heath behind.

    Do the kids of today, the teenagers, and the adults know (or pay attention to) the meaning of Christmas at all? I think I’m buying war- video games for the kids. I preach to be aware against such nasty business, but I’m wrapped up in it too. So long as we keep one foot on the ground – our second mind on the important things?? Humanity: right? The message of great artists, every day artists and the quickly growing population can be stifled by the drive of popular economics and the power of the almighty dollar. Humanity is on a bizarre tangent, where reality is often in the power of a sensibility-detached media. I think that this power needs to shift to humanitarian goals, spirituality and a better awareness of the local and global communities – and what we need to do to keep us all healthy. It is idealistic… Will it all work out?? Will enough of us see past the television skies?

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