How Can I Preserve The Dead?

Honor history. Celebrate land and people. Create a sustainable future.

The Warlocks/Grateful Dead evolved from a jug band that resurrected folk music and later incorporated the electric rock and roll music of the 60s. They went on to create new music and generated a vast, traveling fan base that still exists and expands everyday. Even after Jerry’s departure into the next life, Furthur continues to preserve the music, along with various other tribute bands. But the original members of the band will not be around forever—they too will pass on though the love for the band will “NOT FADE AWAY.”  

It is only by continuing this tradition of cultural resurrection and revival that we can preserve the dead. This not only applies to the music of the Grateful Dead—it spans across all genres in history, especially during an age of rapid technological advancement. 

At the root of all music is love—in order to preserve this love, we must preserve the dead. We must preserve the oral tradition of storytelling through song. We must preserve the craft of performing art, preserving culture, and creating a sustainable future. On this Earth, on the material plane, all things must die, but they must NOT FADE AWAY

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