Name That Show: 13min 20sec (approx) Eyes of the World Live

This is my FAVORITE Eyes of the World and I don’t know what show it’s from—though I’m thinking it’s from a Dick’s Picks. Anyone out there know which show it is? HELP A DEADHEAD OUT! 🙂

This all started with facebook—AGAIN—as I was hanging out in the “Just Grateful” facebook group and someone asked a simple question “What’s your favorite Dead show?” Of course, I’ve talked about this before, but mine is Fillmore East 2/11/69. Then, I remembered there was a version of Eyes of the World that I especially liked but had the hardest time trying to figure out which one it was. At first, I mistakenly thought it was a 15min long version from Dick’s Picks Volume 10 but no, that version was too fast. But thanks to technology, I at least found the mp3 file BUT I DON’T KNOW THE SHOW.

Image Source: Grateful Dead Hall of Fame

Image Source: Grateful Dead Hall of Fame

Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin: A Twitterer’s Birdsong

Preserve the Dead: Jerry Garcia (Aug 1, 1942 – Aug 9, 1995) and Janis Joplin (January 19, 1943 – October 4, 1970)

Thanks for the tweet @grateful4dead!

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The Other Ones: Part 2

It started on facebook…doesn’t it always? Totally spaced on a show until I saw it posted on the good ‘ol fb. Went to the event page and saw that a fellow deadhead needed a ride and lived closeby, so I went and picked him up.

“The bus came by and I got on. That’s when it all began.” – That’s It for the Other One, Jerry Garcia, Bob Weir, and Bill Kreutzmann

Drove through the cold rain and snow and arrived at the ABC to a packed house. Met up with some folks I hadn’t seen in a while to dance and spill beer and get into some shenanigans.

Abbey Bar at ABC

Twitter Lyric Love!

Twitter Love: John Perry Barlow Lyrics

I remember the first time I heard the song “Estimated Prophet” though I didn’t know the name of the song. My friend, Renee, would always talk about a song called “Estimated Prophet” and how she never got to hear it enough when we went to shows. And then finally—at either a Bob Weir & Ratdog or Furthur or Splintered Sunlight tribute show, I heard that song and we danced like crazy. And after the show, I said to Renee:

“You know, I really like that reggae-type song. The one that’s like, ‘Don’t worry ’bout me, no.’ And she goes, ‘THAT’S ESTIMATED PROPHET!’ And I was all, ‘Oh my god, we love the same song!'”

The lyrics—of which my online persona “firewheelburnin” is taken from—were written by this man:


The music that I dance and go crazy to was written and played by this man: