The Other Ones: Part 5

Of course, my night would not have been complete without Splintered Sunlight igniting my soul by “comin’, comin’ comin’ around, comin’ around” and playing “The Other One“. (Please note: This photo is not of them playing “The Other One” because while they were playing the song, I was losing my fucking mind, dancing like a maenad and could not have snapped a photo during that insane moment.)

Splintered Sunlight at Abbey Bar

The Other Ones: Part 1

There’s always a moment when you connect with a fellow deadhead and at that moment you know that The Grateful Dead family has been—and will always be—traveling with you across time and space for eternity. I had several of those moments last night when I went to see Splintered Sunlight at the Abbey Bar in the Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg, Pa. More stories, photos, and music to come…

Grateful Deadheads