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Twitter Love: John Perry Barlow Lyrics

I remember the first time I heard the song “Estimated Prophet” though I didn’t know the name of the song. My friend, Renee, would always talk about a song called “Estimated Prophet” and how she never got to hear it enough when we went to shows. And then finally—at either a Bob Weir & Ratdog or Furthur or Splintered Sunlight tribute show, I heard that song and we danced like crazy. And after the show, I said to Renee:

“You know, I really like that reggae-type song. The one that’s like, ‘Don’t worry ’bout me, no.’ And she goes, ‘THAT’S ESTIMATED PROPHET!’ And I was all, ‘Oh my god, we love the same song!'”

The lyrics—of which my online persona “firewheelburnin” is taken from—were written by this man:


The music that I dance and go crazy to was written and played by this man:


Grateful Dead – Estimated Prophet (Live at Duke University in 1978)

We’re standing on the beach, the sea will part before me. (Fire wheel burning in the air.)- Lyrics by John Perry Barlow, Music by Bob Weir.

MVP Presents

I love these grainy, black and white videos of the Dead from the late 70s. Especially when someone takes the time to couple the grainy, black and white video with a decent audio mix. Like this video of “Estimated Prophet” from a show in 1978 (Duke University on April 12, 1978)

I read somewhere that the time signature for “Estimated Prophet” is 7/4. I’m no scientist, but that sounds like a made up time signature to me. Like me, though, Jerry loved “Estimated Prophet”. He said it was one of his favorite Bobby songs to play. The Dead played it 390 times.

Lyrically, it’s my favorite Weir song for sure. My favorite lines:

I’ll call down thunder and speak the same / My work fills the sky with flame / Might and glory gonna be my name / And men gonna light my way

They sound even better delivered than read…

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